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Student solidarity March is happening




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Student solidarity March is happening

All it took was a phone camera, a small crowd, and a girl in a biker jacket to awaken a whole generation of students in Pakistan. Today, Arooj Aurangzeb has become the lodestar for a youth-led movement in a very country wherever student unions are prohibited.
Today, young women and men from all across the country can roll up their cities to carry demonstrations, exacting a good academic atmosphere and higher education.

In Karachi, the march is about to start at 3pm at Regal Chowk, from wherever the students can march towards the Karachi Press Club. In Hyderabad, from Sindh University old campus to Press Club; in Khairpur, they're going to gather at Shah Abdul Latif University; in Larkana, from Tank Chowk to Press Club; in Jamshoro, the rally can be a part of the march in Hyderabad; in Ghotki, the students can march from Press Club to Pippal Chowk, and in Filipino, from Bypass city to Press Club. different areas of Sindh wherever the students are organising embrace Naushero Feroze, Tando Jam, Nawabshah and Thari Mirwah.

The Students' solidarity March puposes are that the government should ensure the following:

• Raise the ban and hold elections for student unions
• Remove privatization of academic institutes, and reverse the recent decision of college fee hike
• The state must ought to pledge free education for all
• No additional budget cuts for the upper Education Commission, or sacking of academic staff
• Almost of 5 per cent of the value should be allotted for education
• Say no to semester system!
• Lift a ban on students from taking part in political activities
• Finish the intervention (in the name of national security) of security forces in educational establishments, and unleash all students command captive
• Establish committees to research incidents of molestation, and guarantee ladies are created a district of the found out
• All universities must have a library, hostel and supply of transport and an internet connection for students.
• Update education systems as per the trendy scientific necessities.
• Build new colleges and schools in lesser developed areas, and increase the quota of students returning from outside main cities.
• Establish analysis centers for a transition from fuel energy to renewable energy publicly sector universities.
• Announce April 13 as a holiday to honor Mashal Khan.
According to Article 16 (freedom of assembly) and Article 17 (freedom of association) of 1973 grants United States of America the legal and constitutional rights of collecting peacefully and conjointly the proper to make unions and associations during this country,” says Hamza Tariq, 26, a student at the Denning law school.
When asked concerning whether or not the student leaders are connected with the authorities and whether or not they are going to be provided any security for the march, “Security isn't one thing we are given, we are threatened instead. However, we are wont to this and stay undeterred”.

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