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Student Committed Suicide Due to He got bad Result in Exams




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Student Committed Suicide Due to He got bad Result in Exams

In recent years, we've got been unfortunate to see an increase in people ending their own lives. These tragic deaths are a results of the social pressure in many alternative ways in which, just like the death of the girl in BNU and therefore the death of Anam Tanoli. The pressure of society and what individuals assume, is so huge, that young minds square measure left with no selection aside from to finish their lives as a result of they're created to want they don’t match among the society’s standards of what’s good. one thing similar happened with a Pakistani student recently.
Leaving a sorrowful note behind, explaining however his dangerous result had brought shame to the family, this Pakistani student gave au courant life
We, as a society, have still not found some way to normalize average results and this is often evident when this student took his own life.

In the note, the scholar wanted forgiveness from his folks, explaining however he tried to get higher however was unable to try and do thus. He explained however there'll be no izzat left, when grading such low marks. He bid a final good-by to his folks and requested a decision to be created to his folks, once the note was found.

As disconcerting and tragic as this incident is, nobody is aware of higher than North American country desi individuals, WHO square measure the primary to shame anyone with low grades. Suicide is rarely a straightforward choice, and for somebody WHO opts for it, should have tried their best extant with the screwed up, unidirectional mentality of the society.
Pakistanis square measure ravaged at however the social pressure over a foul result's larger than life itself and the way it must return to associate finish

How many suicides can it hold individuals to appreciate that the shit they assert, hurts? Our deep-seated
mentality of grading smart grades, obtaining a high-end job, obtaining married at the ‘right’ age, is thus ototoxic and dyspnoeal that not everyone seems to be able to obey thereto. Besides, in what world, aside from ours, is EVERYTHING associated with izzat? we have a tendency to square measure unable to just accept that each soul acts as a personal, and not as a society’s generalized puppet, following a similar izzatdaar pattern to achieve success.
An education system is meant to assist you grow, not lower your shallowness to associate extent wherever your grades alone outline you

As somebody WHO has undergone a great deal of mental stress and self-destructive thoughts when low grades, I will tell however large the social pressure is, and the way a lot of strength and spirit it needs to face up to those comments. However, simply because some individuals handle the toxicity, it in no approach, means shaming others over grades is traditional. we've got associated higher grades to everything that's triple-crown, proving that there's no space for anyone WHO cannot score up to the mark.

Once again, there was a discussion regarding psychological state and the way things that others around a young plastic mind say will have an effect on their psychological state
It’s perpetually easier to be a keyboard soul and say all this comforting stuff when the injury has been done – as a result of honestly, WHO in their right minds haven’t been a locality of the rat race? WHO here hasn’t felt inferior with low grades? nobody. it's as a result of we have a tendency to haven’t trained ourselves to try and do thus, and even when such incidents, we have a tendency to square measure rigid to alter our thinking pattern.

It is thus necessary for individuals to be able to specific what they really feel however the thusciety ne'er permits one to try and do so. however do folks react after you square measure unable to urge into Medical School? however do relatives keep business you on YOUR result day? however do aunties keep self-praise regarding their children’s accomplishments? that's precisely however society shuts our mouths and restrains

North American country from speaking up. no one here is bothered to grasp what's keeping you from doing all of your best or however does one very feel; all they require for you is to be in line with grades or watch yourself become a disgrace to your family.
It’s time for North American country, as a society, to just accept individuals for WHO they're and stop property someone’s dangerous result outline them
The stereotypes that we’ve fashioned over the time, are literally fatal and that we ought to stop. The Log Kya

Kahein Gay mentality has crushed countless dreams. This student WHO took his life is simply one in all the various students WHO trust it daily. it's atrocious even to assume that as a society, we've got forced individuals to require their lives simply because they can't aid on a bit of paper. we have a tendency to perpetually keep sharing posts regarding psychological state awareness and that we keep telling individuals to be themselves, however will we ever mean it?

How dyspnoeal is it to measure during a area wherever you can't assume, act or behave otherwise – wherever the norms and values have an effect on your well-being? The lecturers, including the relatives or folks, differentiate between the brighter student and therefore the ‘average’ one. What will that tell you regarding our mindset? it's the responsibility of every and everybody people to form certain nobody feels discriminated, that nobody is mocked for grading low, that nobody is shamed simply because they are doing not want ‘worthy’ professions.

Bad grades don't mean it’s the top of the globe thus let’s not push ourselves into basic cognitive process that for our kids, too, before we have a tendency to lose a lot of.

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