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Intermediate Students protested against exams results

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Intermediate Students protested against exams results

Lahore: Once again fierce students of intermediate part 1 came out on the streets of Lahore after announcement of the results. The students are once again protesting against the Lahore board accusing them of unfair results. Students are now demanding the inspection of their papers from Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Lahore to prove that they have been treated unfairly. Resignations of board officials are also being demanded by students as they have failed to do their duty and produce fair results. Students believe that there future is being take lightly by the board.
The students of intermediate part 1 came out on roads showing large bit of emotions with banners in their hand outside the Lahore Press Club and also chanting the slogans against board, calling out the officials of board. The students were demanding that the current results are no way fair as the students know what they wrote in their exams and they wanted board to expel all the staff immediately and to hire new staff that is actually eligible and is qualified enough to check papers properly. They were also demanding the officials of board, including mr. chairman, secretary board and controller board, should resign immediately without any more time given and that they should pay for their ‘negligence’. The students are also calling out the teachers who checked the papers and are asking them to answer for not doing their duty properly.
Talking to the media one of the protester said that the protest will go on as long as the board re checks their paper he added “The board is playing with the future of students, they are also trying to finish the matter with awarding 10 marks to every student that has applied for re checking”
CM Punjab has took notice of the issue and had started an inquiry committee

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