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Islam – The Religion of Peace



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Islam – The Religion of Peace

Islam – The Religion of Peace
There is a bigger misconception regarding Islam and many specially in the west believe that Islam supports violence. This is certainly wrong concept and the teachings of Islam forbid violence and always support peace in the world for humanity.
Since the start of 21st century, the status of world affair is changing quite rapidly. Some big incidents of terrorism have taken place in the western countries. Unfortunately, some Muslim organizations are apparently supporting that intimidation which is damaging the image of the whole Muslim world. We will not discuss here that who is supporting and behind this anarchy and terrorism in actual. But, will certainly try to give the real Islamic thinking and attitude which leads towards peace and harmony for the whole humanity without any discrimination.
Before Islam, The Arab world was in a deep turmoil and there was no law and justice prevailing in that society. The one who had that power could easily do humiliation and injustice with the weaker ones. In that tribal system, people were spending their lives like slaves and were becoming victim of the cruel and unkind structure of Arab world. Women were the huge sufferer of that environment and living their lives with the missing and faded dignity and honor. They were merely taken as a source of joy and leisure. The birth of girl was learnt as moment of ashamed for that family and in the heights of cruelty those new born girls were used to bury alive. As a whole the society was in a state of agony and distress.
The light of Islam has actually has given a new hope to all those who were suffering from hardships of the society. Islam is a complete way of life which discusses every aspect of life. Islam always forbids violence and gives lesson of peace. The teachings of Islam always support solution of all issues through dialog and to obtain maximum degree of tolerance to avoid any sort of clash. Infect, the fight is taken as the last option. Even in the state of war when Muslims capture an area they never heart women, children and older and weaker ones. There are many examples in the history which support this lesson of peace. In Quran, the holy book of Muslims, Allah says that one who killed a person infect killed the whole humanity. This Verse of Quran shows the real theme and the essence of the great religion of Islam. When, at the eve of the great victory and peaceful capturing of the holy city of Makkah by Muslims under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW), all the enemies of Islam were forgiven. There were people who extremely opposed Islam and denied all the facts. But, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) has forgiven all those and set a great example of peace and honor for the whole humanity. This highest level of tolerance had benefited Islam in the longer run and resultantly this religion of peace spread in the world.
In the current scenario, the Muslim world is facing some problems which are basically due to intolerance and sectarian differences. The enemies of Islam are misusing this internal weakness of Ummah. Many Muslim countries are directly affected by the chaos and now these flames are reaching to the western world.
We must remain hopeful that very soon we will see that the whole world will accept the narrative of Islam as a religion of peace.

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