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5 Things To Know If You Want To Study Abroad

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5 Things To Know If You Want To Study Abroad

Being a Pakistani we know that every person here in Pakistan wants to go abroad for further studies or to get a job. Due to the bad economic condition of our country there are lesser amount of good jobs available here. Once you get a degree you can’t go for a high paying job in Pakistan, because there is either too much competition or not a place available, with no previous experience.

Therefore students who have passed college or people with undergraduate degrees in Pakistan try to get enrolled in universities abroad for good quality education. This leads to good job opportunities in Pakistan and overseas, for students who complete their studies in foreign institutions.

Are you thinking of going abroad for higher studies as well?

If you are then keep on reading, as we, the team of BeEducated.PK, are going to explain to you the ways and processes for a Pakistani student to go abroad for further studies.

1. Choose a Particular Major

Figure out which Undergraduate or Graduate degree program you want to apply for and whether it is even being offered by the University for which you are applying. You can meet with Student Consultancy firms* here in Pakistan to know about which Universities are good for your desired degree in your selected country and also get consultation about 5 Most Affordable Destinations For Studying Abroad.

* Some of the Good Consultancy Firms here are:

    HR Consultants
•    North Pole International
•    M.R. Consultants

2. Documents & Other Requirements

Your desired University and its Government can always ask for more documents than we are going to list here, but usually they require (the following documents and some in attested form):

•    Photos (Passport Sized) for your Identification
•    Filled and signed visa application form
•    A valid travel document or Passport
    Proof of financial backing (i.e. bank statement),
•    An SOP (Statement of Purpose)
•    Curriculum Vitae or CV
•    Letters of Recommendation / Academic References by your Teachers
    Degree of Higher Secondary 
•    Transcript of Undergraduate Degree (if you are an undergraduate)
    TOEFL or IELTS certificate* (As evidence of your English proficiency)
•    Test Results for Admission such as GMAT/GRE** results

* Some of the best institutions in Pakistan to help you clear TOEFL or IELTS are:

    Pacans (for both TOEFL & IELTS)
    IELTS TOEFL Test Center ICD & SCS Pakistan

** Top Institutions for preparation of GMAT/GRE Tests:

•    BrightLink Prep
•    Pacans

3.  Apply for Visa

Once you are granted admission in your desired University, after your SOP got approved along with your details and documents, then you can apply for your Student Visa for the respective country. Different countries have different names and codes for student visas, so don’t be confused. Just know that Student Visa Lasts only for 90 days, which is issued by the embassy of your selected country in Pakistan. While a separate Student Residence Permit is issued to you after you are in the foreign country which lasts for a period of 1 year. Whether you get the Student Resident Permit or not is completely dependent on the government of the country you applied in. One has to get it reissued every year as anyone who goes to study abroad stays there for at least 2 years.

4. Get Packing

There must be a long list in your mind, things that you think you need but the following is necessary for you to bring along:

•    Clothing (according to the climatic condition of the foreign country you are going to)
•    Undergarments (a few weeks’ worth) and Pajamas (Sleeping suit)
    1 or 2 Belts
•    Basic Toiletries 
•    Medications (along with prescriptions and/or doctor’s note)
    Outlet Adapter (in case you are bringing along your laptop)
•    Formal Attire/Dress (at least 1 nice looking suit/dress for formal occasions)

5. Accommodation

You definitely going to need a place to stay there, so try to find out a place where you can live before you get to the foreign country. Expecting you will find accommodation after you get there can become a headache for you so look for a living space in advance. A place like students’ hostel or a relative’s home.

We have given you more than enough information to get you started on your goal of achieving Undergraduate or Graduate degrees from the overseas. But all of this is possible if you have the will to succeed and make a good life for yourself, and your family. Living out there in the world, far away from home, is hard yet gaining education from a foreign institute will only help you in making a peaceful life afterwards. 

We wish you the very Best of Luck on your journey to attain knowledge! 

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