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Shortage of Water in NA 248



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Shortage of Water in NA 248

In Karachi, the NA-248 is covered with the seaport of Keamari and the western part of city meets with the coastline of Balochistan. The beaches are the picnic point of people as people from all the Karachi come here to enjoy crashing waves and take bathe in sea water.
After the new sub-division, Harbour, Mauripur and the Manora Cantonment Board have become a part of NA-248, Some of the locations include Machhar Colony, Sultanabad, Ittehad Town, Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad, Masan Road, Customs Line, Railway Colony, Jackson Bazaar, Docks Colony, Gulbai, Kachi Muhalla, Mochko Deh, Sahafi Colony, Mawach Goth, Saadullah Goth, Saeedabad Sector 8 and areas of Baldia Town. 

The constituency also features Pakistan Air Force Masroor Base, the largest air base of the country. Adjacent to Keamari lie West Wharf Industrial Area and Karachi Fisheries Harbour that also lie in NA-248. 
General Issues at NA-248

Severe water shortage is the greatest problem faced by the people living here. Roads and Streets are bumpy and causes trouble to commuters and passengers. Even the major roads of Mauripur have deep holes which causes to slow down the traffic. 

Due to lack of electricity, water and other facilities, many residential scheme are not populated.

Life on these Islands 

Residents who live here are living a rough life. These islands are severely underdeveloped and its people are living in poverty. Unemployment, unavailability of water, lack of health and education facilities are major issues of Baba, Bhit and Shamspir islands. 

According to the latest census survey, the population of the three islands is 20,202 with 3,476 total housing units.

During the months of June and July, the government bans fishing because fishes breed during these months. Due to this, the island dwellers become jobless and they have no means of earning. 

There are no hospitals in the islands, patients have to be taken on boats to the main city in case of emergency. The situation becomes problematic during night hours as boats are not operated at night, causing hardship for patients.

BeEducated.pk wants you to know that there are 12 candidates who are vying for NA-248. And we hope our best that they change the fate of NA-248’s Islands. For more news and updates keep visiting our website frequently.

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