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Joker becomes the highest-Grossing R-rated Film ever!





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Joker becomes the highest-Grossing R-rated Film ever!

In the era of internet, the digital world is aware of the phrase “put on a happy face”. The world’s most known villain of all times Joker, has once again taken over the cinema halls around the world and of course the box office as well. As per reports, this year’s Hollywood feature film Joker has recently, bagged the highest-grossing (R) rated movie of all the time.

‘Joker’ surpassed ‘Deadpool’ at the world box office!

Since the creation of the Joker as a villain, several Hollywood actors have played the Joker role in different aspects. The Oscar Winning Heath Ledger’s portrayal as the villain took his life but gave the world all-time best performance the world will remember. Apparently, this year’s released Joker was played by the talented Joaquin Phoenix and has now become one of the highest-grossing (R) rated movie till date.

The Film was released in the comic series by Warner Bros’, the characters gradually came to life. Apparently, some were really appreciated while other failed to capture the eye of audiences. But Joker has always captured the viewer’s complete attention and sheer applauds. Media reports say that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has surpassed Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool on the (R) rated category of the box office.

Almost 5 million dollar difference!

Back in 2016, Hollywood’s Adult Superhero movie Deadpool got the highest-grossing (R) rated movie badge. Recently, Joker surpassed Deadpool’ with a whopping 5 million dollar difference. Reportedly, Ryan Reynolds’ comical character had managed to earn 783 million dollars at the box office in 2016. This week, Joaquin Phoenix’s soulful portrayal as the character Joker’ has managed to make a massive business of 788 million dollars at the world box office.

Ryan Reynolds hilarious ‘congratulatory’ tweet!

As Film lovers are aware of their favorite celebrity Ryan Reynolds on-point humor and funny nature. After Joker surpassed ‘Deadpool’ at the box office in the (R) rated genre, Ryan Reynolds made a hilarious congratulatory tweet for Joker. However, this is not the first time the audience has seen the Hollywood personality being all witty.

Editing the movie name to “You Mother F*cker”, Ryan Reynolds wrote, “R-Rated box office congratulatory posts aren’t like the ones you’re used to…”

Particularly, the perfect direction of Todd Phillipps and Joaquin Phoenix’s top-notch performance has made the film audience favorite since day one. Well, as everyone has their own way of observing things, ‘Joker’ also got some negative critic regarding the character depiction. While the majority can’t stop lauding the masterpiece, few disapproved of the violence shown on screen.
However, to categorize a movie in (R) rating is restricted for the children of 17 to watch requires adult supervision. Well, before the movie’s official release, it bagged the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival. Now, the audience is expecting Joker to win the Oscar of 2019.

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