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5 Powerful strategies to Connect with Your Customers and Grow Your Business



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5 Powerful strategies to Connect with Your Customers and Grow Your Business

In the world of Business if the product you sell or the services you offer fail to make an impact in your customers’ lives someone else will surely take your place. Either you are working for a big organization or you own a small home-based business you need to have a clear picture of your customer profile. This is only possible if you think beyond making x-amount of pitches in a given time-frame and reach out to your existing customer base in a personable and genuine manner. Although current technology has offered many novel avenues to engage with your customers but to properly utilize them in an effective manner is another story. Below are 5 powerful strategies that help you to keep and grow your customer base.

1. Meet with your customers in REAL LIFE!

Pause the E-engagement (that’s E is for Electronic), leave your laptop, website or any other virtual world mediums you use to interact with your customers and meet them in person. Hold free events or meetings where you treat your customers with stories, coffee, and exclusive offers. Make yourself personable and be genuinely interested in the stories they share with you. Every human feels a need to belong and these events create the perfect atmosphere for a community. The medium of the internet creates an intangible barrier that any potential buyer navigates through the web with more skepticism and curiosity than the intention of buying something. So, if they sign-up for one of your events, they get to know you and your business on a personal level.


2. Have a Personalized Online Presence:

It is crucial that your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter you use to connect with your customers don’t appear faceless and without any personality. Your posts, tweets or blogs need to appear like your personal reflection. Don’t hesitate to make statements that everyone might not agree on as they add a character to your virtual presence. Take the example of the top business gurus like Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss. Each and every post on their website reads like a conversation they are having with their customers and it feels like they truly know and understand your needs.

3. Have an Amazing Customer Service

The best practice for an organization is to respond back is within a time frame of five minutes especially with services like live chatting. A potential customer expects to be attended to immediately and might get distracted by other things or options on the internet easily. If a new or existing customer is trying to connect via email then, in that case, the appropriate time a business needs to reach them out is within 24hours. But is this how most businesses operate? You will be lucky to get a yes or no in most cases. So, go an extra mile in this regard and respect your customer’s time.

4. Give Exclusive discounts

This approach works for your existing customer base. Through your email list or during the events you are holding you could offer premium deals on your products or services. This engagement strategy not only allows your customers to get special treatment from your business but you also get an opportunity to deepen the customer relationship.


5. Be persistent

With every new approach and strategy, you incorporate into your Business practice the weight on your shoulder increases. But if you are passionate about the value you are offering to the world through your business you should not feel burdened. Rather you should take it as a challenge upon yourself and persist through the drab days. Your customers are the blood of your business and if you are not interacting, engaging, socializing or reaching out to them you should not expect to be paid back a 100%.

Using the above-discussed strategies you could enjoy a long-term and growing relationship with your customers. If you are successful in implementing these methods in your business you can enjoy longevity in your career. This is just the beginning of marketing strategies available for use. 

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