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Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Marriage Over Socially

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Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Marriage Over Socially

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Marriage Over Socially
People on social media rupturing the issue with joyness!
Over the random conflicts within the family of Amir Khan’s with Faryal Makhdoom. Later, the couple decided to stay united together despite joint family togetherness. Now what happened next just after the dismal of few months, shocked the world. Whatever the issues were within the personal life of happily married couples are now bluntly disposed socially on twitter.
Before I judge the issue, I just want to convey a message to my readers that whatever your matter is! Avoid bringing it up on social media even if you are nailing the point, because nobody is worth to judge the matter on words!
It sounds really bogus when both the accounts of victims started encountering each other, in front of unhygienic world. Here are some of the tweets of Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan Boxer.
Amir tweets,
-“So me and the wife Faryal have agreed the split. I’m currently in Dubai. Wish her all the best.”
-Faryal moved on quick. Always mentioned to me how much she wanted to be with another guy, from all people another boxer @anthonyfjoshua
  -Lol moved up in the weight classes lol. Trust me I ain’t the jealous type. No need to send me pictures of the men your talking to #disgusted
-Left my family and friends for this Faryal. I’m not hurt but another fighter. I’m making it public. You getting the divorce #Golddigger
-Mans like Joshua can have my left overs!
Now what the role that faryal played over here will be pasted below as she could not resist in tweeting back to Amir’s tweet calls!
Faryal Tweets,
-I’m sure you left your family because they robbed you? Not because of me. Stop making false things up.
-Accusing other boxers just because your boxing career is finished. Man up amir.
-After all these years. I’ve always defending a cheat, always stuck around for him, always had his back. And I’m called a gold digger?
-LOL! He’s given me jack shit—I pay house bills and bills for my daughter myself! It’s like I’m a single mother while he’s out messing
-Around. And he has the nerve to blast me like that? The amount of evidence I have on you. It can destroy you. But since I loved you at one
-Point in my life. I’ll just let it go.
- I’m not the one who’s been in the papers every month with my pants down Cheater! :D
-You have actually lost it. Wtf :D where do u make this stuff up from?
-At the end of the day I can hold my head high knowing I’ve given this marriage my 100% while amir clearly hasn’t. Bad company ,
-Bad role model, always around women, alcohol and then he calls himself a Muslim and runs a charity.
-I’m sorry to all the fans & family hurt by this. But amir did not need to do stupid tweets accusing others when he’s in the wrong. #guilty
-I think he just needs some attention because boxing hasn’t been going well for him so he’s just been acting up :/ #30yearsoldbaby
-Sometimes people don’t like it when you give them a taste of their own medicine.
-He’s in Dubai rightnow with a prostitute. While I’m getting accused of cheating?
-Treating the mother of his child like this, is sickening.
Now, according to my school of knowledge it is really fine to announce the relationship officially on social accounts but what intrude up here is if you announcing any bold thing in the status then be prepared for the feedback symptoms too.
You know that mysterious, furious and suspicious encounter still updating split walls and they aren’t stopping to this day. What a nasty fight is going on! At least they both should think about their only 3 years old daughter. I mean what mentality she will endure over this nasty grudged fight, Hold on Mann!
Blaming each other as a Cheater, Gold Digger and more shitty stuff is not enough, and what about Amir’s partying in Dubai? Can’t anyone else be a savage supplement for Amir Stress despite a girl?
Beyond all the triggered issue I’m seeking people been overdosing the issue to the next level calling upon Faryal Makhdoom as a Feminism, Micheal Jackson and Prostitute! Guys, get a life it’s their life their way of live either she wore clothes or stay with a small piece of cloth it’s her choice and her life and you will not be the judge on the day of judgment. Perhaps, I’m not favoring her as Faryal and Amir are both examined to be wrong as their way of exposing each other is wrong.
Reference: https://trending.pk/2017/08/boxer-aamir-khan-wife-just-divorced-public-nasty-way-twitter/

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