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Adopt these 10 easy ways to spend less time with your smartphone

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Adopt these 10 easy ways to spend less time with your smartphone

It is true that we have become inseparable from this smartphones addiction as we use them or can said check them more than 90+ times in a day. If you really want to check your addiction of checking mobile then you can download Checky (android app) it will tell you about checking of mobile in a day.

Even many researchers and psychologists say that spending much time on social media through smart mobile phones shows strong link.

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We all know that how much the usage of mobile phones are costing us. Smartphones are the main reason of  stealing our happiness while changing it into anxiety and decreasing social life as well as academic potential almost in everyone.

So below are the 10 ways that will definitely help you to come out from this traumatic usage of phones if you follow the below steps wisely.

1. Make a list of to do things:

Write down your everyday task and do it on time and don’t create it on your smartphones as it will make an excuse for you to check phone. Also make a rule for yourself that you want touch your mobile until you done every task created on list.

2. Give treat to yourself for less usage of phone:

This treat will encourage your positive behavior. We usually apply this method on our pets but believe me it’s helpful for us too.

3. Unfriend and block the people you don’t know:

It means that you should unfriend such people that you exactly don’t know on social media apps and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, Snapchat and others. Because we most of the time waste on just looking at the newsfeed and the post of such unknown people who we really don’t know.

4. Turn off your Wi-Fi and Data Connection (internet package):

Turning off Wi-Fi means turning of all the not so needed notification. It will save your time as well as the battery of smartphone.

5. Read newspaper, book or novel:

Reading increase your vocabulary and knowledge too. A good book is considered as a good friend. Knowledge help you to tackle any kind of challenge you ever face.

6. Uninstall Apps

Sometimes it is difficult to pass off the notifications and it might juggle within you to go for notification. Here you can tackle such issue just by uninstalling such applications which are really not in need or the app that take your most of the time.

7. Don’t sleep with phone beside your pillow:

Most of the people sleep with mobile beside their pillow and side table. It is actually dangerous for you as it passes out rays during vibrating and when it is in working phase. Beside this, another thing that equip through such act is when you wake up the first thing that hit you mind in early morning is to check your mobile which makes you lazy to go off bed early and increase laziness and also consume your much time.

8. Start writing:

Spend most of the time with friends and family members and discuss it with your close one as they will surely help you. In your spare time start writing an essay and your daily work it will boost your writing and style. You can also write autobiography of your life and many other things around you.

9. Work on your hobby:

Hobby can also become your passion and may be in future it remarks good for you. Get productive while enthusing on hobby. It will surely refrain you from staying away from smartphone.

10. Stay resisted from not so important messages and calls:

If you come up with the change of not replying the not so important message then definitely it will help you to stay away from such calls and messages especially, smartphone.

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