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Follow 6 ways to find yourself workaholic and homey

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Follow 6 ways to find yourself workaholic and homey

In a way to find ourselves workaholic and homey we just need to measure ourselves through the measurements of the steps discussed below. Eventually we have noticed it many times that on the weekends we do get frustrated with our laziness in which we most of the time spend our weekends and holidays on the bed.

Have you ever noticed that on a holiday we get extra lazy even to wash our face and to stool? Isn’t it hyper and unnatural thing that we spend our day in pajama mood on!

Despite homey, in a professional life you have to work 6 days out of 7 days a week. But to estimate the difference on workaholic and homey consequence? So here, I would like to assume such answers in my style that will juggle your answers in a professional way.

  • Time that consume on work and at home:
On mostly Mondays, the oath of work is not that much rated as it is on Friday or Saturday. We really don’t want to leave our bed but you have to go to work to complete the next task and the deadline of submission of last work. On the other hand you just want to be the first entrepreneur to receive the good complement or the reward from the boss or either you want to achieve the next goal so you go on work instead of doing nothing but nostalgic.
  • You receive an utterly call from the work and you are relaxing on the picnic point then what will you do?
You will only dare to attend it if you want to own the respect and promotion but in the alternative reaction just to get the work done on time or an emergency call towards work with no promotion letter or deal you will make that call as the “bunk call”. Every message, mail and call will definitely won’t get the response from you until it worth you means and matter.
  • What will you do on the morning if you find yourself sick?
For this question, the answer is automatically depend upon the criteria of the rules of an organization, as how much that organization or the company has given relief to its employ!
 In most of the good organization they give 24 days of leaves that you can prevail in a year and if you stay regular and not go on a single leave despite official holidays than that company gives you promotion with good increment. But in small and pathetic organizations they only give one holiday in a month on which they don’t deduct the salary but if you make another holiday within the same month then the daily wage get deducted because your salary is the first privilege for them so they can do anything with their own made rules.
  • What will you do if a new task is assigned to you and the boss has given you the accessibility to choose coworkers on your own choice?
A magnificent answer will be recommended by you that is whether you will select the workers to lower down the burden or either you will prefer to work alone to describe yourself ability!
  • Does your mate get surprised to see you working whether hanging around?
It is admired through my observation that I have seen people that when they get hired for a new job, then they get circled towards Goth of work. They are found so much intruded in work that even their friends feel surprised to see them outing and here they make such people feel out of world.
  • When you check mail at midnight what do you do?
At this spot I want to share my experience that when I check my mails at sometimes in midnight and is requested to answer that mail as soon as possible, I eventually do not reply even if its according to my interest or is being an offer just because in my point of view that mail that you sent at midnight like at 2 to 3:00 am is found not professional at some mean because it’s the time to relax and to chill an the sender do check the time when the mail is being checked so I just find it un ethical now what your answer will fits you best but do get through my opinion too.

So the answers above are some reciprocal answers to some tactical questions that arose in many minds so I just encouraged to develop the sense to find ourselves workaholic or homey.

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