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University of Baluchistan Female Students Demand Justice!





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University of Baluchistan Female Students Demand Justice!

It has been over two weeks since Pakistan’s largest province learned of a shocking scandal. Yes, we’re talking regarding the continued cases of harassment that occurred at the University of Baluchistan.

As learned, over 5000 ladies are subjected to harassment/blackmailing by staff within the last decade at the University.

In office of the case, students are exacting rampant steps against the culprits. However, their demands didn't stop there. Protestors at the UOB have asked authorities to get rid of the FC check-post from within the university.

Removal of FC check-post from UOB
The Frontier Corps had been deployed in the University a couple of years back subject to threats from the previous vice-chancellor of the university, Javed Iqbal Chaudhry, has suffered ill at the hands of allegations further. it's been ventilated that the VC was also a part of the shameful events that passed off in Baluchistan’s largest university.

The whistle was blown once allegedly one woman with a robust family stood up against the charade, taking her case to the Baluchistan tribunal. it had been then that the BHC ordered FIA to intervene and investigate the harassment/blackmailing mafia within the University of Baluchistan.
Many members of the employees, together with Registrar Tariq Kakar and VC Chaudhry, are said to be a part of the racket. Completely different human rights activists from Pakistan visited the university the opposite day to listen to the stress of the students.
Furthermore, protestors have conjointly demanded the student bodies (student unions) be established within the university. The bodies were annulled because of increasing student politics.

CJ makes remarks on University of Baluchistan scandal
“This may be a case of our province, this is often a case of our youngsters learning in Baluchistan,” the Baluchistan tribunal judge said, adding that the trust of scholars required to be won once more.
“People and political parties ought to have firm trust in national establishments. Strict action can sure be taken against the people allegedly concerned in molestation and also the video scandal. Action are going to be taken across the board.”

Tribal people and consequences Some social group leaders within the province are urging ‘ghairatmand’ men from the society to require matters into their own lands. this is able to mean them taking the law in their hands too. If the FIA fails to ascertain a case supported benefit and doesn't shield culprits, the people of Baluchistan are going to be happy.
As of now, the most important issue within the province is that folks and paternal men of families aren't permitting their daughters to review in the University of Baluchistan, in light-weight of the recent scandal.

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