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Two Students built a school with bamboo sticks to battle with Climate Change




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Two Students built a school with bamboo sticks to battle with Climate Change

Archlore may be a green start-up launched in early 2019 by Hafsa Fatima and Warris Hussain: 2 recent graduates of NED University Department of architecture. The start-up was initiated to battle global climate change and deforestation in Pakistan by promoting bamboo as an eco-friendly artifact.

Bamboo has been recognized by the United Nations because the material of tomorrow and humanity’s potential savior from global climate change due to its very quick rate of growth (up to three feet a day). After just 5 months of their official launch, Archlore conducted a two-month-long donation campaign and construction method at the same time finally managing to create the primary formal Bamboo college in Karachi for an NGO wherever over eighty poor street kids will gain access to education at no cost.


In the quest to fight global climate change Archlore has conducted many workshops with the youth of Karachi at totally different academic establishments wherever students are trained to figure with bamboo and informed  regarding its importance within the battle against climate change.

The inspiration for Archlore came from the travel experiences of its founders. each architects traveled extensively throughout their student years experiencing climates starting from the bone-chilling cold of Kel vale within the North to the hot heat of the Thar Desert. The love for the various cultures and therefore the stories of the those who suffer due to the tough climates they live in became the last word motivation behind taking over this initiative.

It is the results of this motivation that nowadays the Tadrees Bamboo college has become a colourful and wizardly learning house for street youngsters created out of the exact same material as their shabby homes. Zero carbon was emitted throughout the development of the college and it absolutely was built in less than half the price of concrete construction. The rooms also are ethereal and lit up throughout day time that saves energy.

However, the largest satisfaction for the architects of this college is looking at the kids realize joy in running on the bamboo structures and refusing to depart the place even when school ends. this can be a reaffirmation of faith within the power of excellent and accountable design. Hopefully, this effort by Archlore can inspire a lot of to face against global climate change and play their half in saving our lovely country and our planet. #THINKBAMBOO

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