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India has been warned for Diverting Pakistan Water




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India has been warned for Diverting Pakistan Water

ISLAMABAD Pakistan on Thursday cautioned India against stopping its share of water beneath the historic Indus Water treaty, saying any such try would be considered as an act of aggression and also the country reserves the right to reply.
The statement from the ministry advocate came in response to recent remarks by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he declared that India wouldn't permit its share of water flow to Pakistan.
Speaking at the weekly news briefing, Dr Muhammad Faisal made it clear that beneath the 1960 World Bank brokered written agreement, Pakistan had exclusive rights on the waters of 3 western rivers.
“Any attempt by India to divert the flow of western rivers are considered an act of aggression and Pakistan has the right to reply,” Faisal added .
The advocate additionally said such statements returning from the Indian leadership were another obtrusive example of the actual fact that Modi government was bent upon creating India an “irresponsible aggressor state that has no regard for human rights and international obligations.”
“Such statements ought to be an eye fixed opener for the planet that should notice the extremist government of Modi may be a clear threat to peace in South Asia and also the World,” Faisal said.
Under the Indus Water treaty signed in 1960, Islamabad has unrestricted access to the western rivers Indus, Jhelum and Chenab, whereas New Delhi enjoys the same authority over the eastern rivers Ravi, Beas and Sutlej.
The landmark written agreement has survived despite 3 wars and plenty of phases of tense relationship between Pakistan and India. however in recent years, India, under BJP, has threatened to scrap the water accord.
Meanwhile, the advocate condemned the Indian blatant human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. He said the “humanitarian nightmare” within the control valley was worsening with continued  military lockdown and complete communications blockade.
About Kartarpur corridor, the advocate said Pakistan had nearly completed work on the passageway.
The advocate additionally confirmed that the coming visit of Turkish President Recep Tayab Erdogan was deferred apparently thanks to the present state of affairs in Syria. The visit was deferred for the present and would be rescheduled, the advocate extra.
On the Turkey’s military operation in Syria, Faisal reaffirmed Pakistan’s support to Turkey, saying Ankara had remained a victim of terrorist act for an extended time and “we need to recognize its legitimate security considerations within the region.”
However, he added  that “Pakistan continues to support the territorial integrity of Syria and hopes a political solution to the Syrian conflict will be reached at the earliest.”

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