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HEC & Telcos are offering Cheaper Internet Bundles to Students



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HEC & Telcos are offering Cheaper Internet Bundles to Students

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has declared that it is operating with the telecommunication organizations to allow more economical data packages to university students.

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The commission stated this on the tweets on Tuesday.

HEC is deeply analyzing the matter regarding the issues of students, especially the internet problems that they are suffering in the pandemic situation and they're looking closely to solve all the matters and maintaining the cooperation and participation with mobile companies to accommodate students with cheaper internet packages to run smoothly educational sector and online classes.


However, it has directed the universities to organize committees to address problems being viewed by their students about online classes during the current situation.
HEC said that they're closely colluding with university vice-chancellors to assure that all courses/lectures are online-ready. Furthermore, the commission is also struggling with the training of the teaching staff that are not technically sound.

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It said that the higher education commission is also serving universities to set up proper practices for online learning. Those who are lacking facilities of online lectures and will surely be sorted out in the following lockdown situation.

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