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Chinese School Installs Smart Cameras to Catch Inattentive Students



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Chinese School Installs Smart Cameras to Catch Inattentive Students

A Chinese school has installed smart cameras in classrooms to observe students behaviour. According to various sources, China is focusing on learning about distracted or inattentive high school students to make their education system better. Due to which a high school in east China has installed the ‘Smart Eye’, a classroom behaviour management system that uses Artificial Intelligence, in one of its classrooms.

Workings of the Smart Eye

BeEducated.pk found out that the smart eye uses facial recognition technology to observe students’ interest or boredom while attending lectures. After every 30 seconds, three cameras installed in the front of the classroom scan each student’s face to figure out their expressions from the following options:

•    Surprised
•    Sad
•    Angry
•    Happy
•    Afraid
•    Neutral

Then the system notifies the teacher about the students’ reactions, using which he/she changes their teaching approach if required. Smart Eye is capable of telling whether students are reading or listening or even napping at their desks.  The school’s head teacher Ni Ziyuan said, “Using this system we can see which students are concentrating in class and who is distracted.”

After introducing world’s first humanoid bank, China has developed another system that is extremely useful to know what the students are feeling during their classes. Teachers can easily find out whether they are interested in the lecture or not. Vice Principal of this Chinese school told the media that the system only collects students’ behaviour information and facial expression. He further added that it can improve teaching techniques as student and teacher will interact more with each other. 

Student Behaviour Management System Received Lots of Criticism 

It must be no surprise that this smart monitoring system is receiving lots of criticism. Because it puts the students under constant surveillance, which can affect a student’s health. As they know if they stop paying attention then he or she can receive a bad grade in their academic report. 

Some people have talked against this surveillance system saying, “Students are not studying machines— anyone can get distracted at times.” Installing these cameras are good to catch criminals, but most people think it’s not a good idea when it comes to catching inattentive students. Anyhow, for more news and updates keep visiting our website regularly. 


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