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Perks of Friendship

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Perks of Friendship

Friends are considered the best part of our life because together we had made so many memories and apart from these they are always there on whom we can easily count on.

Meaning of friend is beyond any definition as relaying on trust, values, respect, love and much more. Beside every meaning and its synonym friendship based on ‘Trust’.

Friendship always clinched on pair which might changes into relationship quo or it stays forever with you as a ‘Friend’.

You might be thinking that my article is almost describing only friend why there benefits not, actually friend itself is a benefit for you. As I said above, that we can count on them easily as my pharse with ‘count’ relate to benefits.

  • We know that however we are, they accept us the way we are!
  • You can reveal and share your secrets, tensions and sorrows to your friends and they will better advise you.
  • Even the researchers have found that a friendship that last longer than 7 years last forever.
  • We don’t need to embellish ourselves as we do in front of third party. They accept you with your natural flaws.
  • You don’t need to artificial it’s just like with them as with your inner you.
  • You enjoy the charm of every gist together.
  • You guys enjoy same sense of humor when together.
  • A true friend never leave you alone.
  • There is no worth in the differences of classes, sects, religions and societies because friendship is a relation of heart.
  • There is no jealousy in between true friendship until any show-off legacy hit you.
  • Undoubtedly, friends are the one who are more curious about your every upcoming result.
  • They are the ones who bring the best out of you.
  • They are the true entertainers when you are low and undetermined.
  • They love you unconditionally.
  • They get angry at you but again get stick to you.
  • The space of a friend cannot be replaced.
  • They boost your self-esteem.
These are some of the perks of a friendship that anyone hold in such beautiful relation. Sometimes, a crucial situation may occur in one’s life who have enjoyed such thumbs ups and more perks of beautiful relation which sometime torn apart through evil eyes.

At such time we should always remember that a single mistake in such perk-ship could sink our ship of friends, so for this we need to have some flashback to still making it stay in our life.

As we all knew after sometime that a passed time never come back and a person who left the world never come back so before it’s going to be too late if you are irate from your better-half go and whisper in their ear that they have special irreplaceable place in your heart and no one could owe that place.  

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