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7 Ways to Help Students Love studying without boring



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7 Ways to Help Students Love studying without boring

When it comes to studying time, it doesn’t revolve around fun. Some students don't like to study; because they just want to pass the exam. Figure out 7 Ways that motivate yourself to love studying without boring.


Just like many other things, planning is also very important for study. During studying time you should turn off the television, cell phone, and don't concentrate on any other important thing except books. The short study schedule is always a good idea because it won’t makes you bore. But make sure that during this time you give your full attention to the study material. Yes, you can enjoy a movie during your break time. 


Say no to wander off:

Before studying, you should commit to yourself to concentrate on books. Don't let your thoughts wander off to fancy thing like chatting. Keep one thing in the mind that Studying activates in your mind, and in this way concentration is very important. No one can study the books for you, so you have to decide it on your own.



It is important to organize your studying materials before studying. Let me explain to you that why it is important. For example, if you get up and start studying papers or books, then you will waste your time, because you can’t give 100% concentration. So, before studying make sure that you have done with the food and keep all the important books, notes, handouts, pens, paper, and computer tools near to you, so your time will not be wasted.


Ask questions:

While reviewing notes and textbooks, self-questioning is very important. This activity will create the natural response to your mind that is you studying in a right manner? This game will also make you highly interactive. You can ask a different question to yourself for example, "Why does this thing matter?" how this thing change anything?" "How this thing affect something?" etc. No is not included in self-questioning game.


Room selection:

Just like management, room selection is very important for proper studying. Always select the room, which is favorable for learning. Give preferences to all of those items that matter to you during studying. For example, some students like me prefer to listen to music while studying or some students prefer to sit on couch and study table. Some students like me prefer to eat something while studying. In this scenario, you should remove other entertainment materials from study room so you can concentrate on your books and notes. One more thing that your room should be noiseless. 


Notes preparation:

It is always recommended to make proper notes during book reading. According to research, notes helps you to remember the answers during exams.


Fix sleeping time:

Just like the study time, you should fix your sleeping time because 8 hours of sleep is very important. It is not a good idea to force yourself toward study when you feel sleepy and tired because in this condition you will not properly concentrate on books, papers, and notes. In this scenario, you should sleep, so you can properly studying after that. Give relaxation to your time and don’t try to study 2 -3 hours before exams.


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