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The Boy from Karachi Sets A New Guinness World Record!





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The Boy from Karachi Sets A New Guinness World Record!

Pakistan isn’t short on talent and this has been proven by numerous children and adults alike, winning several international competitions in the world of academia and sports. The educational system of Pakistan might have thorough improvements; however that also doesn’t hinder intelligent students from Pakistan to mark their places on international forums. They’re representing the state and removing the notion of a ‘poor country’– literally and in terms of the talent pool.
11-year-old Aima’az Ali Abro from Karachi set a new Guinness record, last month.

Hailing from Karachi, Aima’az was able to determine the most variety of countries from their define in just one minute. That is an impressive record! The Guinness World record’s website mentioned this talented young man’s achievement, that read, “The most countries identified from their outline in one minute is 57 and was achieved by Aima’az Ali Abro (Pakistan) in Karachi, Pakistan, on October 8, 2019,”


At this point, all there's known about Aima’az is that he's a resident of North Nazimabad Karachi. He has bigger plans ahead when achieving a large milestone at such little age. Consistent with the sources, Ali Abro aims to realize a Nobel prize, next.

Success stories of bright Pakistani children creating a distinction.
There are various of those stories if you discover them. Some nevertheless to be discovered whereas some in-the-making et al already within the limelight for the planet to witness the potential of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Recently, a student from Karachi University alongside her professor created an edible bag. This bag is toxic-free and safe for human consumption.

Similarly, another student taking human lives vulnerable in mines into thought fabricated an eye fixed smart-helmet for miners of Pakistan. Finding motivation from his brother’s experience during a mine, he created a helmet that can sight the conditions of the mine. Moreover, it informs concerning the health of the manual laborer further. This level of automation dead one helmet ensures most safety.

These are two nice stories as we want to not solely think about human-lives vital however take plastic pollution drop-off marine life into great thought further. Each of those creations equally vital would like correct funding for them to assist society at massive.

But of course, the journey doesn’t stop here and there are some amazing people out there struggling to create their visions a reality. We wish Aima’az Ali Abro a lot of success and breakthrough opportunities. This young lad has nice potential and hopefully, he can build his approach through great achievements.

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