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Seats for Students of Pakistan reduced in Foreign Universities

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Seats for Students of Pakistan reduced in Foreign Universities

Foreign universities reduced seats for Pakistani students in their countries now there are only 14 seats for Pakistani students in China, Turkey and Germany. Students go abroad to study and help in building better image of Pakistan. 300 seats has been offered to India from foreign universities. It is a disappointing fact that Pakistan is continuously loosing foreign scholarships.
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Senior Faculty Member of Quaid-e-Azam University Views

A senior faculty member of Quaid-e-Azam University said that foreign scholarships play a vital role in promotion of Pakistan’s image in foreign countries. He further said that our leaders should take this issue seriously that how we have lose our scholarships seats.
Mr. Rafiq, a joint advisor of Ministry of Education said that we have planned to advertise firstly 4 to 6 seats in first phase out of 14 seats. He further said that firstly we shall start from those countries which have strong relations with Pakistan like China.

According to Ministry, this decrease in foreign scholarships is due to the decrease in budget. Last year budget was Rs.50 Million that reduced to Rs.15 Million.
A senior professor told that a PhD scholar was chosen last year but due to delay in process the appointment is still left. He further said that selection of that foreign scholarship is going to be re-advertised again which is a joke with our scholars. He added that education Ministry should increase budget for foreign scholarships.

We can see that how our neighboring countries are taking steps for education and we are not focusing on education. It is a hindrance in the progress of our country. Pakistani students when go abroad and study there on scholarships then many stay there and not come back which is loss of our nation as we invested in them and they work abroad. This thing is also called as brain drain.

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