Sandal Khattak Tik Tok star, friend of Hareem shah comes to rescue her.





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Sandal Khattak Tik Tok star, friend of Hareem shah comes to rescue her.

Tiktok star Sandal Khattak on Friday came to Hareem Shah’s rescue after her friend got involved during a controversy for shooting a viral video at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier in the week.

Khattak, once asked whether or not Hareem Shah had quit social media, aforementioned that she is presently together with her family. Kattak discovered the whereabouts of her friend whereas speaking on Geo News morning show Geo Pakistan.

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Khattak, defended hareem Shah’s actions, by saying, "In my opinion there shouldn’t be any inquiry in any respect as she did nothing wrong by recording the video." She additional that anyone will go and meet politicos.

When asked why Indian songs were elect as background music, the Tiktok sensation said that they every which way choose background music for his or her videos.

Sandal Khattak shoots Tik Tok videos with harem sovereign, who could be a Tik Tok star in her claim. each ladies have immense fan followings on the applying.
Hareem sovereign on weekday landed in predicament once she was seen recording a TikTok video within the room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She faced eminent backlash and Drew the ire of many web users who condemned her video exacting an inquiry to see the one who granted her access within the top government office.

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