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A Brave Lahori Mother Samina Fights With Life Every Day



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A Brave Lahori Mother Samina Fights With Life Every Day

Social media, over the years, has slowly cemented its place into our daily lives. Today, the majority of the planet and its population is found on these social platforms. The way that social media has connected the planet has to have a special mention here.

Recently, a video a couple of heartbreaking story of a girl from Lahore was making quite stir on social media. we tend to all understand the state of poorness and injustice that has overrun this nice land for ages currently. Even in today’s time wherever humanity is taking giants leaps. We, in Pakistan, ar still unable to deliver the essential rights to the poor and particularly women.

The video is a couple of woman named Samina, who because of several injustices, different on her by her family have resorted to marketing Gol Gappa’s within the streets of Lahore.
Here’s what brought her here

Samina is that the mother of 3 and married person to Tanveer who lost his leg thanks to an accident he met whereas operating in Kuwait. The heart-wrenching story of Samina is definitely one for United States of America to pay attention to. Samina has a pair of daughters and one son. The eldest female offspring of Samina is mentally disabled, whereas the younger one is single.

Samina, throughout her life, has faced tremendous hardships as if the atrocities thrown at her by life weren’t enough. Her immediate family failed to give abundant comfort either as she was misunderstood by her brothers. Samina’s solely lightweight of hope is her son who was born when 14 years of prayers, who she named prince Ahmed.

Due to her husband being physically disabled and her son being ten years recent, there was no male presence to defend the family. Taking advantage of the case, one in every of her brothers who’s name is Khalid Aziz, forced her to sign the papers of their house on his name. he's the one who did this monstrous act. Khalid works during a distinguished position within the government. Her own brother blackmailed her to sign the papers of the house to him by inform a gun to her son’s head. Her brother then gave the house to a faculty on rent keeping the financial gain to himself.

Samina, with no hope and support, even from her family, still believes within the power of God. She is optimistic and hopeful that sooner or later, things can get well. we tend to still cannot believe that even in these nowadays folks betray there closed ones and leave them to rot like this. Let’s reach dead set Samina and help her during this hour of want. Who knows, maybe an act of goodness will reignite the light in her life?

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