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The University of Essex in the United Kingdom presents Regional scholarships for Undergraduate and Masters Students

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The University of Essex in the United Kingdom presents Regional scholarships for Undergraduate and Masters Students

ENGLAND: For the years 2018-2019, the University of Essex is accepting applications for regional scholarships. The scholarships are offered to international students only and as an award, some of their fees money would be reduced. These scholarships are a great way for international students to save some money or for the students who are unable to afford higher education.

The University of Essex is one of the well-known universities of England and with this scholarship program, it is also well known on the international level. The basic goal of this university is to provide quality education to the students and to help them achieve their goals. This university is basically a research university and it is present in Colchester, Essex, England. This university was established in 1963 and then after a couple of years, it goes its Royal Charter.
For scholarship program, the language tests that are required include IELTS and TOEFL iBT. The deadline for submitting your application is 30th-June-2018. The scholarships are available for Undergraduate and masters both. However, the courses only include the subjects that will be offered by the university. The eligibility for this university is for students of America, Norway, and India. For Americans, ten £3,000, for Norwegians four £2,000 and for Indians Unlimited £3,000 scholarships are available.

For American students, the undergraduate and master’s students can come from the following countries: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. For Norwegian students, Masters and undergraduate students can study for their first year and for the Indian subcontinent, undergraduate students can come from Bangladesh or Pakistan in their first year of study.

In order to apply for the scholarships, you need to fill the applications online and submit it before the due date. For Americans and Norwegian, the simple application should be submitted but for the Indian subcontinent, if you will meet all the criteria of eligibility and then accept the offer of your place by the due date of 30th June 2018, then you will automatically be considered for this award. These scholarships are a great way to get higher education at affordable prices especially for countries where education isn’t that modern yet. Everyone should get an experience of better education and be going abroad to do that is the best way to get whatever education you require in less money.

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