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Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Ramadan



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Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Ramadan

The biggest mistake most people make is to start overeating in the holy month of Ramadan. As they have not eaten throughout the day, they end up forgetting that their stomach can only digest one meal at a time. That is why instead of keeping a balanced diet they eat and drink more than usual, which makes losing weight an impossible thing during Ramadan. 

So, BeEducated.pk brings you some easy ways to lose weight in this Ramadan:

Drinking the Right Amount of Water

As fasting hours are long people get extremely dehydrated. Due to which they start drinking water one glass after the other until they have no space left for more. What they should do is drink 8 glasses of water at different times during the day. Specifically, they should do the following:

•    Drink 2 glasses of water at the pre-dawn meal (Sehri)
•    Drink 2 glasses at the time of breaking fast (iftar)
•    Also drink 4 glasses of water in between iftar and sehri (make sure you do not drink more than 1 glass per hour)

Eating a Balanced Meal

You have been fasting all day but you do not need to eat a heavy meal at iftar time. Because you should forget that you have not eaten anything in the whole day and take a light meal after breaking your fast, which is the basic formula for staying fit in Ramadan. For starters:

•    Following Sunnah you should break your fast with dates, as they are rich with sugar that helps provide instant energy. 
•    Try to avoid fried food completely
•    Take small portion of vegetable or lentil soup
•    You can also eat a mixed vegetable salad

After breaking your fast with these starters you should take 5 or 10 minute long break, in which you can offer Maghrib prayer. Afterwards you can resume your meal by eating a small portion of your main dish.

Always Eat Your Sehri

If you eat and drink according to the previous tips then you will always eat your pre-dawn meal. Because you will avoid overeating and your stomach will be empty at sehri. Never skip sehri meal because after fasting all day long you will feel extremely hungry that can tempt you to overeat at iftar.

Salts Intake at Sehri

You should make sure not to eat foods filled with too much salts, as it can make you fell thirsty while fasting. Eating fiber filled food and items rich with protein will help you keep a balanced glucose level in your body. This way you will not feel hungrier while fasting.

Avoid Sleeping All Day

Ramadan Kareem exists for the purpose of fasting and worshiping Allah. We should not make it an excuse for being lazy and sleeping all day long. While fasting you should not stop your daily activities but make sure you do not go out during the time when sun is at its peak. After you break your fast, you should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. 

Don’t Take Too Much Sugar

People have often gained weight during Ramadan instead of losing it because they do not avoid eating or drinking stuff made from sugar such as juices and sweets. What you should do is eat fruits and other items that have sugar in them naturally. You must try to follow all these easy tips to lose weight in Ramadan and find yourself nicely fit in to your dresses at Eid. For more information and news keep on visiting our website frequently.

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