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Criticism ruins student self-esteem

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Criticism ruins student self-esteem

Criticism deprived from a word critics that actually stereotypes ones character in a very harsh way. No one in the world want to be a part of criticism as this term is just let you embedded in the bed of stress. Now why and what kind of criticism I am talking about, they are going to be discussed in the belated paragraphs below. 

Criticism describes in the way of faults, disapproval, reprobation and desperation. In my obligatory point of view criticism starts from inner voice that is un-satisfying with our presence in the way as nature has blessed us with. In actual, criticism is approached to us through our linked relations and is first practiced through as a joke which is with the passage of time make us aggressive and then slowly bury us in the grave of depression.

Let me tell you in psychological way, assume yourself that what things makes your mood off at home, it might start calling through our parent then siblings and then to family, after that stereotyped critics takes place at school through friends and enemies, then college through different teacher and mentors, at university it all makes you a piece of living criticism-flesh.
In this way the shadow of criticism shower the harsh rain of furious in our character.

All these nonsense and senseless material makes you stop from doing the best thing. It makes you think 100 times over the thing to do it or not. Criticism is just like a drug that kills your self-respect and your self-esteem perhaps it sharpens your aggression that sometimes leads towards the end of life (suicide).  

Everybody loves to ensure their comfort zone and this comfort zone is automatically related to confident that we all have in ourselves. But wait! You know what that if we indulge critic on our mind than it will encourage it to become worse of all time.
Before coming to this state of situation what we actually need is to ensure ourselves that we won’t take that critic possessed on our mind because it could harm us psychologically after becoming myth of our personality.

Eventually we take critics to heart and then it makes us a depress person. According to my sense of humor and personal observation I think critics are made not just on the abnormal person but on the perfect person too. A person who has flaws and the person who is flawless both become the victim of critics so we should be aware of every kind of critic towards us and should accept it in an unacceptable way or a kind of ignorance should germinate through our body so that that could protect us like a shield of protection. Because in this way you will be rewarded for your behavior as pleasing the critic that is created by person will make them stop targeting you.

When you listen the critic patiently then the so called jabs doesn’t work, either. Most of the time critics just drop off the subject when the criticism fail as you accept it. It is obvious that when you don’t respond, then they will think only because of not understanding them or you have made it a habit of listening it that’s why you are not taking it with consciousness. But they will not stray from their habit as they will still bring it up in any way until you response towards it.

For coming over critics made upon you the most effective way to train your critics should be punch back over the person when you listen and watch them with sure dose of finding the unpleasant thing in them and then plunging the attack back over the criticism as you know what to do next.

Basically, to win this situation we most of the time share our weak points with our best friends to whom we believe that they are the sky to our drooling earth. For which we instantly get the reaction most of the time when this friendship turn into fight that automatically overwhelmed over the friendship relation. We then come across mysterious secrets that we once shared with our so called best friends. So, always remember that a good secret keeper is only you as your secrets are safe until they are placed in your stomach bag because no one in this world is a secret keeper except God. Try not to share personal stuff, your personal strong and weak points with anybody except parents on the base if they worth it otherwise no one.

Critics are the challenges that warns you and reminds you that you are “impossible” but remember in the word ‘impossible’ there is ‘I-M-possible” which boost your self-confidence, letting those flaws out, that betrays you towards grudge, into flawless, for this you need to accept ‘yourself’ the way you are either bulky, chubby, dark, feature-less, skinny or bony and any other not-specified thing that fit in the perfect world. Remember your flaws are the most powerful things which makes your presence unique for critic creators so better to handle it in the most possible and decent way instead of over-reacting. Your flowing behavior matters a lot as it deals best with the critics and make your haters to shut their mouth for forever upon your flowery behavior, instead of ruining your emotions unlikely your life over critics.

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