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10 Life Rules for students to become a Millionaire by 30



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10 Life Rules for students to become a Millionaire by 30

Wanted to become millionaire? Then follow the below mentioned to become millionaires before turning 30 years old.

Prioritize the things;

You can’t wake up on the morning and become a millionaire instantly. Becoming a millionaire requires discipline, sacrifices and long-term planning.

For this purpose you should set that what you wanted from your life by 30, where you prefer to live, when you have to start a new business and what type of freedom you want from your life.

Start following the money;

If you want to become millionaire, then you should focus on increasing your income rather you’re your spending. There are unlimited emerging opportunities, and you can pick one of them to make your dream comes true.

Diversity your income streams;

After studying the daily habits of the rich and poor for five years, I’ve realized that we have to streams our income without seeing your lifestyle dramatically affected. We have multiple streams of income to invest in many areas.

Implement the 50/20/30 budget;

Budgeting is pretty important if you want to be millionaire by 30. Without a budget, you can’t fulfill your goals. The best thing is to follow the rule of 50/20/30 budget. According to this rule you have to invest the 50 percent of your income on essential expenses like housing, food, transportation and utilities.

Dedicate 20 percent of your income to savings and spare 30 percent of your income on personal expenses like your cell phone bill, dining, gym memberships and weekend trips.

Manage your debt.

Before you start putting away money into your savings, you should pay all the student loans or credit cards that you have borrowed so far. Once you have pay it off, then start investing your money in other things.

Expand your network;

To make yourself successful, you have to start attend networking events, attend webinars, follow successful people on social media, and subscribe to their newsletters. In other words, you have to stay connected with the successful people and build relationships with the millionaires online.

Becoming a millionaire by the time you’re 30 is a goal that any student can achieve it, but for this purpose you have to make sacrifices, make yourself disciplined, and always committed to your goal.

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