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Restaurants at Karachi Are Serving Free Papaya Leaf Juice For Dengue Cure!



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Restaurants at Karachi Are Serving Free Papaya Leaf Juice For Dengue Cure!

Currently, humans are surrounded by various severe diseases that may be contagious as well. Taking Pakistan’s health neglecting sectors visible, these days, and the deadly dengue fever disease has taken the country’s atmosphere. Voluntarily, to save lots of precious lives from severe consequences of infectious disease, many Pakistani eateries have started serving free papaya juice.

Pakistani restaurants providing free papaya leaf juice for dengue fever patients!
While several are troubled for life owing to the forceful increase in dengue-related cases, heaps of Pakistanis have already lost their loved ones. Since the local hospitals started getting filled with such cases, several media platforms advised prevention techniques. Similarly, these days, many Pakistani restaurants and cafes are serving free papaya leaf juice to stop dengue fever.

Not solely philanthropists however the Pakistani nation is humanitarian as well. Since the diseases’ high fever is taking several lives with every passing day, the humans of Pakistan have stepped up to save their earthly fellows. Currently, a well-known food outlet in the metropolis has started serving papaya leaf juice to the bypasses to cure the affected patient.

A famous building in Karachi is spreading the humanity initiative!
Reportedly, the famous Bar B Q Tonight building in Karachi’s Clifton space is serving fresh juice extracted from papaya leaves without charge. Medically proved the consumption of juice keeps the patient’s platelets count stable and stops it from dropping any. Such humanity visuals may well be rare in alternative countries however it's nothing new for the individuals of caring Pakistan.

Well, Pakistan is packed with kindness and to assist Karachites forestall dengue fever, another restaurant jumped into the humanity bandwagon. To play its half, Refuel Juice Bar within the metropolis is additionally serving free papaya leaf juice on their tipu sultan branch. However, to aware Karachites, the restaurant even proclaimed it on their official Facebook page and therefore the response was overwhelming.

This juice bar within the metropolis is additionally serving free freshly extracted papaya leaf juice for free!

With an announcement post, the restaurant wrote, “Get free Papaya Extract Juice for dengue fever Patients from our Refuel Tip grand Turk Branch. Kindly facilitate us to unfold the message.” Apparently, the bar urged the shoppers to unfold the ‘healthy’ news because it will save someone’s precious life. Moreover, the caption terminated with, “It will save someone’s life.”
Well, this is often so an astonishingly kind initiative from each the restaurants’ administration and it deserves appreciation. There are some very dangerous and alarming facts regarding dengue fever that are still unknown to several. Honestly, such initiatives should be a neighborhood of each society to unfold the message of humanity worldwide.

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